Rick Barrantes - Assistant EHS Director

Years with Skanska

What is your safety pledge?

Safety is the most important tool in our tool belt because it allows us to go home to our families at the end of each day. My beautiful wife and newborn son can count on me to do everything in my power to stay safe, not only at work but in every aspect of life.

How has IFE impacted my life?

IFE to me represents the opportunity to change and improve our industry’s safety performance. As an EHS professional and an IFE instructor, I value and respect Skanska’s relentless commitment to safety. This program plays a key role in developing our personal relationship with safety both at work and at home. We are always encouraged to share what we learn from working in an Injury Free Environment with our friends and family. Imagine the powerful impact of IFE reaching thousands of employees, subcontractors and their families. We are improving the industry’s safety performance one person at a time.