Matt Pinkoson - Senior Project Manager

Years with Skanska

What is your safety pledge?

With construction being one of the most dangerous professions it is paramount that we as a company commit to the wellbeing of the people we work with. Working for Skanska and knowing how strong our IFE culture is and seeing each person’s personal commitment to the journey makes coming to work every day an enjoyable experience. Working in North Central Florida we have literally changed the perception of safety and made believers in the work force. I am proud to be a part of something so profound, knowing the wide range of impact this has on an individual’s wellbeing - at work and in their personal life.

How has IFE impacted my life?

IFE is truly a lifestyle. Before coming to work with Skanska I would never second guess witnessing or performing an unsafe task. At first it felt like it was a responsibility to Skanska to enforce the rules, but over time has become so much more than that. I find myself approaching strangers outside of work and asking them if they've thought about what they’re doing – whether it is safe or not. I find myself thinking two and three times about what's the safest way to do something around the house. Sometimes, even after I've thought about it, I still find myself in a position where I'm in the middle of some yard work and thinking to myself, “stop there's a safer way to do this”. By putting my family and personal wellbeing into perspective, my eyes have been opened to the tangible impact one poor decision can have.