Angelica Sepulveda - Superintendent

Years with Skanska

What is your safety pledge?

Safety to me is taking the personal responsibility to do what has to be done to eliminate risk and danger as well as continually educating yourself and others on ways to do work safe and take responsibility. Safety is our protection, it is what gets us home.

How has IFE impacted my life?

IFE has impacted my life in many ways. Prior to working with Skanska, my view on safety was to follow all rules and regulations in order to stay out of trouble. My view on safety was black, white and lifeless. The moment I sat in IFE Orientation, my entire view on safety changed drastically. I remember feeling as though my view on safety was taken from me and thrown away the moment I heard "this is not a meeting about policies and procedures and how to follow them, this is about how you and I relate to the critical subject of safety". IFE took the topic of safety and made it personal, relevant and important to me - it gave safety meaning. I went from having to follow safety rules to choosing to follow safety rules because I now understood the impact my choices could have on my life, the lives of my family, my coworkers’ lives and the lives of their families.