Denise Muth - Project Executive

Years with Skanska

What is your safety pledge?

We all know construction is a dangerous business. No one wants to be unsafe, but there are so many distractions and objectives pulling on each of us, that safety sometimes takes a back seat to deadlines, juggling multiple issues and trades, language barriers, etc. To me, safety means taking the time to really look. I am fairly well known for reminding folks when their boots are untied. Sounds simple, but even a miss like that could get someone hurt. So, take a moment to look around, notice the details. It could keep someone safe.

How has IFE impacted my life?

My favorite example of how IFE has impacted my life was during the MetWest construction of Office Building 1. We were at the stage in the project where we had subs working on the outside of the building using bosun chairs. One was a window cleaning sub, the other a caulker. The caulker came to me concerned that the window cleaners had not properly set up their chairs. We pulled in our safety coordinator and they reviewed and retrained to ensure the set up was safe. It demonstrates that we can care about each other on and off the job while doing our work.