David Nachman - Project Director

Years with Skanska

What is your safety pledge?

Safety is about paying attention to what you and others are doing as we move through our complex and distraction filled lives. Never feel intimidated to make a comment about whether an activity is being performed in a safe manner. Ask about the planning and preparation that has been performed for a task and don’t be afraid to ask the question “Have you thought about…?” And watch out for each other…not just your family, friends and colleagues…but everyone!

How has IFE impacted my life?

I always find it interesting and rewarding when I reflect on how Skanska’s focus on safety has influenced my life. From the attention we place on safety during project development to the influence we have on our partners to the everyday decisions such as how to appropriately use a ladder, I am amazed at how often I think about living safer. And it surprises me how I now almost always say “Be Safe!” to the people I interact with every day. It’s the impact that Skanska has on the whole culture that I believe is our greatest achievement.