Niklas Klein - CFO

Years with Skanska

What is your safety pledge?

Safety for me is everyone’s right to return home from work safe and sound and to care about and look out for each other whether it is colleagues in the work place, friends and family or the fellow human being on the street. As a “fresh” driver’s license holder I pledge to do my very best to be a safe driver and not to take any risks in traffic to gain a few minutes here and there.

How has IFE impacted my life?

I am new to the IFE concept since recently relocating to the US so I am looking forward to learn more about IFE and I believe it is a good tool to get people to think and talk about safety in the workplace as well as in their personal life. I believe that safety has to become a mindset and not something you go over 10 minutes in the morning to check the box before starting the work.